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Moved By the Spirit

by An Impact Middle East Leader | Jul 2024 | Heartbeat, HB Middle East

Every week, we get hundreds of messages from Yazidis responding to our campaigns through our social media page. Several months ago, a message from Sami* caught our team’s attention. He shared that a man in white had appeared to him in a vision several times, and this man told him he wanted to give him a gift called the Holy Spirit. From our page, he had come to know the man who appeared to him was the same Jesus we discussed.

Having never heard about the Holy Spirit, he messaged our team, asking what this gift was that Jesus wanted to give him! Our team continued walking a journey with him online. (We do not initially reveal our identities or locations or request a face-to-face meeting for security reasons.)

It was New Year’s Eve, and my husband Majid* and I, along with many of our social media team members, gathered to worship at the local Kurdish church we attend, where there are more than 70 Yazidi-background believers. Majid was sitting near the front, and a man he had never seen before walked in and sat beside him.

Majid immediately felt something was different about this man and asked him his name. “My name is Sami,” the stranger replied. “Sami?” Majid repeated. Could it be THE Sami? Majid proceeded to ask his full name and discovered this was indeed the same Sami! Without anyone inviting him, the Holy Spirit prompted him to come to church that day and led him straight to our team! Our team is now meeting regularly with him for face-to-face discipleship.

For protection, the names and photo used are not that of the actual persons.

Photo: Levi Meir Clancy on Unsplash