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Take Up Your Cross and Follow Me: A Story of Discipleship

by An Impact Middle East Leader | Jan 2023 | Heartbeat, HB Middle East

One young boy in our church has gone from knowing to believing and following Jesus. He grew up attending Sunday school in our church and heard about God’s grace from his early childhood. Only last year, after joining a discipleship group, he accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. He continued to be part of the discipleship group and committed himself to Jesus’ teaching and living a life of prayer.

He now suffers persecution at school because he believes in Christ. Due to his father’s official religion registration, this boy is obliged to attend education classes in school. These classes teach things with which he disagrees. Because of his love for Christ, he insisted he not join the classes. Instead, he testifies for Jesus. His testimony has caused harassment from his teachers and other students in the school. They bullied him and called him names.

Despite this oppression, he continued sharing the gospel message with his friends and invited some of them to church to hear the Word of God. Because of this boldness, he was summoned to the school administration and scolded. They asked him to keep silent about his faith. They commanded him to stop sharing his faith with others. Yet he still shares the gospel message with his friends at every opportunity.

In one of our conversations, he asked me to pray that God would give him the right words when he opens his mouth to share about Jesus. He asked me to pray God would anoint him to be an evangelist and a living witness everywhere he goes. He has indeed taken up his cross to follow Jesus!

Please pray this young man will be a great evangelist for Jesus in our land. Pray he will continue to share the love of Jesus among his friends. Pray God will protect him. Ask God to give him heavenly wisdom to save souls from this world for the sake of Jesus Christ.