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The Pure Farm Impact in Bulgaria

by Dee Dee Galloway, missionary to Bulgaria | Sep 2023 | Heartbeat, HB Bulgaria, HB Europe

People were hungry and needed access to healthy, clean food. The needs of the Kyustendil, Bulgaria, community were communicated to us, missionaries Chance and Dee Dee Galloway, by a local Bulgarian, Stanimir Zahariev. Seeing the need and knowing the rich and plentiful soil in the region became an obvious bridge to providing for the needs.

The Pure Farm was birthed in 2018. By 2020, four greenhouses had been added, allowing increased yield. Then came the global pandemic. The COVID-19 lockdown made access to food even more scarce. The Pure Farm allowed us to feed 26 communities during that time.

We have watched God continue to grow the farm. With the help of FM churches, a tractor was donated in 2021. Tractor attachments were added in 2022 and 2023.

Our holistic approach to ministry equips individuals to experience God’s provision and power in their lives. The Pure Farm project focuses on feeding the community with the fruits of our labor. Moreover, we empower individuals by teaching the skill of farming and hard, prosperous work to promote self-sufficiency. Our mission is to provide meals as we fellowship with one another, growing and living in love. As we build strong relationships in the community, we help families living in extreme poverty find hope in Jesus. In 2020, the Feeding Program impacted over 450 families throughout Bulgaria.

The Pure Farm is an organic and environmentally conscious farm led by Stanimir Zahariev. We grow fresh, organic fruits and vegetables to supply those in need as we invest in the nationals and feed the hungry. As we meet the need, we present the gospel. We are the hands and feet of Jesus with the mission of serving others.

Our goals are to bring food and training consistently and to perpetually add more land projects in all the regions where we are engaged.

Many lives have been impacted by the Pure Farm project, thanks to Jesus’ love and provision and the volunteers’ hard work and dedication.

Join us in praying for fruitful harvest from the Pure Farm and fruitful harvest for the Kingdom!