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She was a young, polite woman but always looked sad. We didn’t know much about her. Even after joining the house church group, she never shared or prayed. When the meetings were over, she left quickly. We respected her silence.

One day, when we shared about Jacob in the Bible, she spoke for the first time. She told her story:

This message opened my eyes. I was married when I was 13 years old to a man 26 years older than me. My family arranged this marriage. I was a child who just wanted to play with my friends and go to school.


My husband was a hard man to live with and mistreated me. He wanted a woman to cook, clean the house and meet his sexual needs, but I was a child! I was like a slave serving the master.


After 10 years of suffering, he passed away, leaving me with three children. I didn’t know how I could manage my house and care for my children. Our future was dark. I made many wrong choices.


But since I accepted the Lord as King and Savior for my life, He has not left me. I confidently trust him. Through the story of Jacob, He has reminded me, “Your past has been redeemed. Your present is in My hands, and I will be with you forever.”

Photo Credit: Trevor Owen