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Guy and Betsy Crawford provide pastoral care and support to FM missionaries in Latin America. Their role includes encouragement via bimonthly pastoral care groups, phone calls and field visits, and special care in emergencies or times of crisis. 

Pray For

  • the Latin American leaders to maintain healthy spiritual rhythms amid heavy ministry responsibilities and opportunities
  • their visits to several LA Area missionaries this year will be an encouragement
  • wisdom and grace as they mentor several leaders through their sabbaticals

Recent Newsletters

Planting and Growing in Latin America

Planting and Growing in Latin America

From the plentiful plains of Argentina to the mountainous coffee-bean farms of Colombia, much of Latin America is known for its fertile soil and lush agricultural environments. The process of cultivating growth – preparing soil, planting seeds, caring for young plants...

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Moved by the Spirit

Moved by the Spirit

Esmeraldas is a beautiful province on the Ecuadorian Pacific Coast adorned by a brilliant sun, with waves hitting the boats that sail through its sea. But it is also an area filled with serious social conflicts affecting young people, who are easy prey to drug...

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