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John Jairo Leal & Susana Castro

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John Jairo Leal and Susana Castro are ordained pastors in the Colombia Missionary District and have served as pastors and church planters in Medellin. John is currently director of Community Church Planting with Impact Latin America. Susana is coordinator of the Healthy Leaders Development pillar in Latin America. She mentors the mission district leaders in Costa Rica, 360 Mission District and Honduras, and serves as a mentor for pastors of the Camino de Vida IML churches in Colombia. John Jairo and Susana’s passion is to develop leaders who spread the gospel with words and deeds of love.

Children: Isabella, Valentina, Alejandro (nephew)

Pray For

  • the whole family to maintain healthy rhythms amid multiple tasks
  • their children to know God more fully and love Him with all their being
  • much fruit in the development of healthy leaders at the local, district and area levels
  • leaders to experience deep connections with God and one another through pastoral care groups
  • the expansion of the Community Church Planting movement as God opens doors and prepares hearts

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