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Michael and Maria Long are heavily involved in refugee crisis ministry. The FM Church of Thessaloniki is multicultural and multilingual, having Muslims visit on Sundays since Easter 2016. Currently, there are separate meetings for Arabic and Farsi speakers. The Greek FM nongovernmental organization (NGO) Anagenesis helps meet the needs of those suffering from the ongoing economic crisis, and Jason’s Place Christian Hostel provides hospitality services.

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Pray for:

• the evangelization of immigrants and discipleship of baptized Muslim Background Believers
• the growing team of volunteer staff and the new missionaries partnerships
• ministers called to reach Muslims in Europe
• completion of Michael's doctoral research at Thessaloniki University Department of Theology
  • Thanksgiving Day is not the Same in Greece

    We definitely miss the Thanksgiving Day celebrations. Without the turkey and fixings, without football, without the pumpkin pie, and without family, Thanksgiving is not the same. For 25 years here, the Day of Thanksgiving has always been just a normal working day except now we have Black Friday!!! Explain that!!! Nevertheless, we are extremely thankful [...]
  • A Summer of ups and Downs

    Like the book of Ecclisiastes this summer has had times of excitement and times of discouragement, times of good-byes and welcomes, times of loss and gain, times of stress and calm, times of hurt and healing, times of success and failure, and times of rejoicing and weeping. The future is very uncertain for our young [...]
  • Albanian ministry begins with old hurdles

    We have worked with Albanians since 1999 and were heavily involved in the Kosovo war relief (2000-2002). This beautiful family became our friends because Algent and I both love cycling. We have made many memories leading trips with groups around ouf beautiful, un-explored secret places of our region. Recently, various factors made it clear that [...]
  • The Amazing Gift of Generous Supporters

    This is the amazing story. Last December, I mentioned the need for a new van. I fully expected taking three months to fund raise for the $20,000 plus goal and then to go shopping. Well. to our surprise within a few weeks OVER $25,000 was sent in by generous supporters, and we started looking. A [...]
  • “You were lucky!”

    These were the comforting words of my urologist after he interpeted the biopsy of the small mass that was removed from my bladder. Usually, I avoid chronologing my every health issue whose frequencies are above average. Simply I have learned to count on Dr Jesus every time I lay myself down on the surgical table. [...]
  • Minor Surgery and other tidbits

    The COVID tunnel never ends … yet the LORD is always with us as we pass through this valley of the shadow of death. Let’s not be afraid! On Friday the 29th of January, I, Mike, am scheduled for minor surgery which was delayed by lockdown and insurance complications. We have confidence for complete success. [...]


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