Thad & Nikki Roller


Thad and Nikki Roller have been appointed to the capital city of Bogotá, Colombia. They will facilitate the ministry of the Colombian FMC and provide support to its leaders. Their initial assignments include championing the Beehive Girls Home and helping it to become self-sustaining while also learning about the Community Church Planting strategy and supporting its implementation in the Colombian context.

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Pray for:

• the challenges of stepping into an international ministry role and discovering how to function, minister and thrive in a new context
• God’s help with language acquisition, especially Liliana and Evelyn
• cultural adjustments that go along with moving to a new country
• opportunities to discover, trust and reflect God’s heart in ever-deeper and more profound ways
• God’s provision in building a powerful and committed prayer and financial team


Thad: June 29

Nikki: April 8

Liliana: March 22

Evelyn: July 5


August 6

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