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In Oct 2022, missionary Glenn Lorenz transitioned from Latin America and began serving as Associate Director for Africa, foculorenz2024sing on recruiting for the Africa team. Wendy continued with the Latin America Area until this month when she transitioned to theFMWM Africa missionary team. She will continue leading a global Third Culture Kids team. Latin America Area Director Ricardo Gomez says, “I appreciate the work the Lorenz’ did in the past seven years. Glenn was instrumental in helping develop the Ministerial Formation curriculum and the pillar for developing healthy leaders. Wendy has done an excellent job of caring for our missionary kids. We now bless and release them to serve the Kingdom of God in Africa. We pray for God’s blessing on them in this new season of ministry. Africa Area Director Mike Reynen says, “We are grateful the Latin America team has released the Lorenz’ to us. Our team is already being helped with expansion.”
Please pray for Glenn and Wendy as they complete this transition.