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Dosseh Takpale

West Africa – International Missionary



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Dosseh Takpale is superintendent of the Togo Provisional Annual Conference. As an international missionary, he also assists in supervising four other countries: Guinea, Ivory Coast, Guinea Bissau and Mali. In addition, Dosseh serves as the regional administrative assistant for the area director and the director of the Wesley Missionary Institute. Pastor Dosseh is currently exploring expansion into Burkina Faso.

Wife: Flora
Children: Elisha, Elvira

Pray For

  • safety and effectiveness in all ministry travel
  • effectiveness in shaping the church’s spiritual development in all five countries he serves
  • wisdom, resourcefulness and God’s presence in all his work with the Wesley Missionary Institute
  • the presence and peace of the Lord as his family faces time apart from one another
  • daughter Elisha, studying in the U.S., and younger daughter Elvira at home in Togo with her parents
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