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Roger Stone

Philippines – Affiliate/SIL International


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Roger Stone has been an affiliate missionary since 2008. He and his wife, Vangie, are involved in consulting with the local Bible translation committees for Ayta languages as they translate the Old Testament and help distribute the newly published New Testaments in the Ayta Abellen and Ayta Mag-Indi languages. 

Children: Mika, Daniel

Pray For

  • wisdom and perseverance in translating the Old Testament
  • widespread proclamation of the gospel through vernacular Scripture
  • the Aytas to begin treasuring the Word of God in their own language
  • physical, emotional and spiritual health and strength for the Stone family
Why Are You Singing

Why Are You Singing

“Why are you all singing?” the neighbors asked Ms. Holly (not her real name). Ms. Holly is a cross-cultural worker living in Country-VN. It is illegal to share the gospel with others. The neighbors are suspicious of the group’s singing and wary of the foreigner. They...

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Building It Together

Building It Together

The fire started in a tightly packed neighborhood down the block. The fire brigade managed to control the fire keeping the home from being a total loss. No one realized it, but one ember had lodged in the rafters of the corner bakery. Soon the bakery was fully...

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