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David and Sarah Clementes’ vision is to provide support to Free Methodist pastors located in Asia, so they can be empowered to do church ministry and become dynamic leaders in their local communities. David is an adjunct professor at Holy Light Theological Seminary (Taiwan) and Light and Life Bible College (Philippines) and teaches missions and theology courses. He serves as the Asia area assistant for ministry development and travels to other countries to lead weeklong seminars and short training modules. Sarah gives active support to David’s ministry and administrative assistance to our Taiwan FMWM personnel.

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Pray for:

• wisdom and discernment as David teaches and leads different seminars around Asia

• travel safety

• FM churches in Asia as they continue to expand their vision for cross-cultural ministry and become vibrant witnesses to their local communities

• national church leaders from all our Asian countries

• Carmen and Jacob’s physical, emotional and spiritual growth

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David – July 13
Sarah – June 5
Carmen – November 18
Jacob – January 6


December 9

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David’s Reflections

  • Loving December

    I love December. I remember when I would look forward to one NCAA men’s basketball game, the much anticipated match-up between Louisville and Kentucky, and make plans with my buddies to watch it at a nearby restaurant (the one with a big screen television) after office hours. You can tell where my priorities are, right. I love December. I remember in the Philippines, when I was 12 years old, and my friends and I would brave the “chilly morning” before sunrise to hunt for spiders, the kind that lives in tall grass (cogon) and we can keep as our champion…

  • God’s Story Is Now Our Story

    What I will share today is about God’s covenant and his promise of restoration in our lives. This centers on the idea of re-building houses and cities so that “songs of thanksgiving” will come to us. When God is our covenant God, then God’s story becomes our very own story. We will look at the example of Jeremiah and the experience of the people of Israel during their time of exile in a foreign country. Jeremiah 30:18-22 states: “Thus says the LORD: ‘Behold,  I will restore the fortunes of the tents of Jacob and have compassion on his dwellings; the…

  • Different Strokes For Asia

    Different Strokes For (Maybe) Different Folks In the Book of Acts, Peter gives two different sermons for two different groups of listeners. The first one was the Sermon at Pentecost and the second one was the Sermon at Solomon’s Porch. Both sermons highlights the resurrection of Jesus and the eyewitness accounts of the apostles and disciples of Jesus. (See Acts 2:32 and 3:15) Also, both sermons resulted in thousands coming to salvation in Christ. Allow me to give you in broad strokes some differences that is obvious in Acts chapters 2-4. Sermon one was a response to the speaking of…

  • Common Themes

    Here in South Asia, I had the privilege of meeting two prayer warriors, Mr. Tamang and Mr. Abishek. They are already in their mid-70s, and yet, they are able to walk for days in the mountains, slowly traversing mountain trails for the purpose of praying for churches, local pastors, and families. They give a little twist to the Christian meaning of “Prayer Mountains.” What they would do is visit an area whenever there are Christian events or ministries that are soon to take place. They came to our meeting place in Bear-jet and prayed for our time of training and…

  • South Asia Problems

    “Houston, we have a problem.” So, the saying goes. But this time around, it is a good problem. We planned for our Annual Meeting here in this South Asian city for a time of teaching, meetings, certifying our (Conference Ministerial Candidates) CMCs, and consultation with our local partners. We prepared for 50 people to meet here, but we counted 80 persons in attendance. Most of us are here because we want to celebrate this first meeting for this region and to encourage our first candidates (CMCs). We certified 20 pastors. In the years to come, these will become ordained and…

  • Son of God Speaks (Missions and The Trinity: Part 2)

    (Below is a summary of the second day’s presentation of an unpublished lecture given at Asia Pacific…