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After having served in Taiwan for 15 years, the Clementes are currently U.S.-based missionaries serving Asia. Dr. David Clemente has worked for the Free Methodist Church since 1987 as a local church pastor, seminary professor, and cross-cultural missionary in the Philippines, USA, Taiwan, and Creative Access Asia Country-NP. As a member of the Asia Leadership Team, Dr. Clemente regularly travels to consult with pastors and supervise selected Asian leaders. He serves as the Asia area assistant director overseeing FMWM interests in the regions of the Philippines, Indonesia, and Oceania. Sarah’s additional vital role includes supporting the FMWM-Asia work as administrative assistant to the area director. David and Sarah have a vision of mobilizing partnerships and encouraging support for FMWM-Asia.

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Pray for:

• wisdom and discernment as David teaches and leads different seminars around Asia
• travel safety
• FM churches in Asia as they continue to expand their vision for cross-cultural ministry and become vibrant witnesses to their local communities
• national church leaders from all our Asian countries
• Carmen and Jacob’s physical, emotional and spiritual growth
  • Miss Trie's Story

    “I am sorry for all the lies I told you.” Ms. Trie is going around asking forgiveness from her friends and relatives. You see, Ms. Trie is a new Christian. In the past, she worked as a fortune teller. She would foretell people their future and use her tarot card to promise healing for the sick. She would asked money in exchange for her services. Now, she has given her life to Jesus. She expresses this decision by burning all her books and other tools of the trade of fortune telling. She continues in this walk of faith by going...
  • Underground Place

    “Why are you all singing?” The neighbors from the apartment complex are asking Ms. Holly (not her real name) about her group’s activities. Ms. Holly is a cross cultural worker living in Country-VN. In this country, it is illegal to share the Christian gospel to others. The neighbors are suspicious of this group’s singing and wary of the presence of a foreigner in their vicinity. They are thinking this gathering is a group of Christians singing hymns and reading the Bible. If the neighbors feel they are right, then they can call the authorities and report the group’s illegal activities....
  • Take Me Away

    Take Me Away (2022) January 2, 2022 (CHORUS): Have no fear. God is near. He said: “I am the same yesterday, today, and forever.” He will be with you ’til the end; His love will remain. His yoke is easy, his burden is light. Come close to Him. (Verse One) I heard them shout, a thousand voices in the night. I felt the doubt, I was afraid of the light. Then, an angel spoke of the Messiah’s coming day. The mother and child, and I heard her say. (Repeat Chorus) (Verse Two) I heard their pleas amidst the waves and...
  • Monday Prayer: After Christmas

    MONDAY PRAYER: “Help me Lord to be content with second place and to make allowance for the fault of the other person. May I be quick to forgive, even as You, my Savior, forgave me.” (Colossians 3:13. The Message, & New Living Translation). Our Lectionary Reading from the New Testament for this week is from Colossians 3:12-17. This part of Scripture admonishes us to pursue peace that is founded in love, a love that is described as a life full of humility, kindness, and forgiveness. “And let the peace that comes from Christ rule in your hearts, and keep you...
  • New Praise Song (Psalm 146)

    A Song of justice from Psalm 146
  • Advent Week (4): Mary's Song

    This Advent Week’s Lectionary Reading from the Gospels is from Luke 1:46-55, Mary’s song, The Magnificat. The song speaks of Christians ushering in justice in the face of great political opposition (‘God bringing down the mighty’) and encouraging everyone to walk in humility before our God (‘God exalting those of humble estate’). Allow me to share about the second part, about humility. What is humility? According to Adele A. Calhoun, “Humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less. Humble people let go of image management and self-promotion. They honor others by making the other [persons’] needs...

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