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Eric Casteel

Regional Director of Northern Europe – Affiliate Missionary

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Eric serves as regional director of Northern Europe. He and his wife, Dr. Amy Casteel, live in Leuven, Belgium. Amy and Eric are both FM elders from the East Michigan Conference and have a passion for growing and multiplying the church by developing and mobilizing leaders. Amy completed her Ph.D. in theology at KU Leuven. They are co-founders of LEAP International, an organization focused on encouraging and catalyzing healthy communities.

Pray For

  • unity among Free Methodist churches as well as among other churches in Belgium
  • a post-COVID plan for re-deploying the church
  • partnership with European training institutions and seminaries
  • the development of leaders for church planting
  • connection with the diaspora churches in the area for kingdom collaboration
  • development of ministry in university towns where God is on the move
Obedient to the Call

Obedient to the Call

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Amazing, Isn’t It!

Amazing, Isn’t It!

The Free Methodist Church now has work in Sweden! In 2021, the Rev. Valentin Sikitoka launched the church and became the country leader of the Free Methodist Church in Sweden. Rev. Sikitoka is from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Amazing, isn’t it— a church in...

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