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God is at work in Creative Access-PN, and He is working through the Free Methodist churches there. Hear this story from one of our key leaders, Pastor M.

Praise the Lord for His grace! The Free Methodist Church (FMC) in Creative Access-PN is deeply involved in spreading the good news to slave families, helping them break free from slavery to live a life of dignity. We thank God for His powerful, strong, and compassionate hand stretching out to help us release a slave family by paying off their loans to the brick kiln owner, equivalent to 945 U.S. dollars. This family was facing severe persecution and trouble. I am deeply grateful to my friend, who immediately sold a piece of land and provided the money to release this family in an emergency.

The father in this family is RM, and his wife is H. They have six children, and one of their daughters was a victim of sexual assault by the brick kiln owner. He then married her to a Muslim man without her parents’ permission. He also started harassing her mother and attempted to assault her. When the parents raised their voices against the brick kiln owner, he threatened to kill RM and demanded his money back. RM managed to escape and hide, saving his life.

This family had been living in slavery from birth, but now they are free.

We paid the money to the owner and freed this Christian family from slavery. After the husband returned home and was reunited with his family, we arranged a rental house for their accommodation and purchased a rickshaw loader. The rickshaw loader gave RM a business, enabling him to earn money to support the family’s needs and expenses. Now they are incredibly happy, free to worship our Lord and live their Christian life in freedom.

Creative Access-PN is a difficult place to share the gospel, and few want to serve there. But our Free Methodist family is touching lives with the gospel of Christ. As followers of Jesus, they believe all are created in the image of God and worthy of the love, dignity and hope offered to them in Christ. Please pray for the transformative work of the FMC in this country.

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