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Fulfilling the Vision

by Thom Cahill, missionary to Thailand | Apr 2022 | Heartbeat, HB Asia

FMWM Asia’s vision is to reach 1 million people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Paul instructed Timothy to invest in others through teaching and equipping, “… and what you have heard from me through many witnesses entrust to faithful people who will be able to teach others as well” (2 Timothy 2:2, NRSV). Accomplishing our vision will require training and equipping 10,000 new leaders. For that reason, FMWM Asia has developed Gethsemane Leadership Training (GLT).

As God calls men and women to ministry, GLT seeks to invest in them, preparing and training them to disciple believers and raise more leaders. We are currently focused on six countries in East Asia and are excited the Lord has already raised four national GTL leaders to help.

Gethsemane Leadership Training will use three models to provide training and equipping. Using internet technology, students and teachers will grow and learn together. Once borders open and travel resumes, students will come together for several days of intensive seminars. Finally, a video project is in development. This project consists of 12 core modules, each containing 24 lectures presented by national leaders from Asia and developed in at least six different languages.

The video project is no small task. The estimated cost per module is $2,500. To accomplish our vision of training 10,000 leaders, this comes to approximately $3 per leader for each video developed. This project will enable students to remain in their location, stay engaged in ministry, be with their families and continue their jobs. We believe this is an extremely cost-effective way to raise leaders for the glory of God’s kingdom.

It is exciting to see how God is working in Asia; many people are coming to Christ. The Holy Spirit is moving, and the FMWM Asia team is excited to be a part of this beautiful movement of the Spirit.

Will you join us in fulfilling our vision? You can help us reach our goal of training 10,000 leaders and influencing 1 million Asians toward Christ. Contributions to the GLT project can be made via the Asia Ministerial Education fund. Most importantly, please join us in prayer for the hearts of Asians to be open to the good news and  the call of Christ in their lives.