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Latin America’s Movement to Fight Human Trafficking

by Jazmin Castillo Cativa | Nov 2023 | Heartbeat, HB Latin America, HB Set Free Movement

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) defines human trafficking as the third-most-lucrative crime for international mafias after drug trafficking and counterfeiting of consumer goods. It is a scourge on humanity. The Free Methodist Church (FMC) in Latin America is joining forces to address this problem. In July 2023, churches across Latin America joined in a celebration of Freedom Sunday.

We realize many people throughout Latin America and around the world suffer from blind ambition, perversion and lack of pity in regard to trafficking. Our hearts grieve. We cannot remain indifferent. We are reminded that God has called us to raise our voices for those who are still oppressed today. As we read in Hebrews 13:3 (NIV), we have a responsibility to remember those in prison as if we were their fellow prisoners and those who are mistreated, as if we were the ones suffering.

In response to the invitation, 3,760 people in 124 churches from 12 countries participated in Freedom Sunday in July. A total of $1,760 (USD) was raised in special offerings. A little more than half (56%) will go to the Kerubim Foundation, a ministry led by a Free Methodist pastor in Creative Access Country-X. The Kerubim Foundation rescues women from forced prostitution and restores their lives. The other portion of the offering (44%) will be allocated to local Set Free projects in several countries.

Adults and children are joining this great movement. The Raíces (FM children’s curriculum) team prepared material for the children. Children could learn, experience and celebrate freedom in Christ through an illustrated Bible story, songs and activities. In each of church, children spent time in prayer, assembling a paper chain and then breaking it, symbolically interceding for the freedom Christ offers for those still held in bondage.

Through my experience working on the Empowering Transformational Churches team in Latin America, I can confidently say there are no chains  that cannot be broken by God’s power when we understand our calling and put every life in His hands. His Word urges us not to get tired of doing good, to continue to cry out for the captives and to be agents of His peace.

Jazmin Castillo Cativa is the Empowering Transformational Church promoter in Argentina.