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Learning Firsthand

by An Impact Middle East Pastor | Jan 2022 | Heartbeat, HB Iraq, HB Middle East

In Iraq, Haris* had heard about Christians. He had heard they are good people. Haris, his wife and his son learned this firsthand when they found refuge in our country more than three years ago after fleeing their homeland. Haris and his family are of Sabean background and did not know about Christ.

A team from our church visited Haris and his family after their arrival. The team continued to follow up with them and share God’s Word with them. The family began to feel the love of God through the team members and started to attend church meetings. Haris also found work at the church through creating mosaic art.

Haris’ interest in Jesus grew. Whenever he came to the church to work, he asked questions of one of the pastors. The vistation team continued to care for him and his family. He continued learning more about Jesus from church services and sermons.

Then, for health reasons, Haris began to use workout equipment at the church. Because he was at the church daily, I had an opportunity to talk with him. I shared with him about accepting salvation and surrendering his life to Christ. He was ready and, on that day, decided to follow

Haris is now a part of discipleship lessons. In a recent class, I shared about baptism. He resolved in his heart to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, regardless of the embarrassment he would be exposed to by his relatives.

Recently, Haris was baptized in a small swimming pool inside the church. We rejoice and give praise to God!

*Name changed to protect the individual