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My Two Copper Coins

by Edna P. Bacus | Apr 2021 | HB Asia, HB Creative Access Asia-HK, Heartbeat

Challenging is the word I would use to describe pastoring a Filipino church in Creative Access Country-HK and serving as the Asia Pacific Free Methodist Missions Association’s (APFMMA) executive director during the COVID-19 crisis. It forced me out of my comfort zone. I had to pause, ponder and pray.

When the government’s restrictions on mass gatherings were implemented in March 2020, I was confronted with my reluctance to use social media, particularly Facebook Live, to continue preaching the Word and ministering to the people God called me to serve. I didn’t know how to use the technology and didn’t have the gadget I thought was necessary. Most of all, I wasn’t comfortable seeing myself on video.

Then God led me to the story of the widow in Luke 21:1-4. She offered everything she had – just two copper coins. And the message for me was this  ̶  it’s not about how grand my offering is; it’s about my readiness to offer Him everything I have for His praise. Trusting, I gave everything to God. I gave Him my two copper coins.

Looking back, I see how God honored my offering and multiplied my gift to meet the need of His people. Through the online Sunday worship celebration and our weekday evening praise and prayer time, we’ve served and encouraged our members and some who have returned to the Philippines. We’ve even reconnected with other members who have migrated to different parts of the world. Family members who are not yet believers have also attended our online gathering. God has expanded our ministry in ways we never could have imagined. Indeed, there is no telling what God can and will do when we give Him everything. Glory to His Name!

A note from the Asia area director: Pastora Edna Bacus, a Filipina, has served faithfully in Creative Access Country-HK in various FM leadership roles for more than a decade. Enthusiastic for mission, she is a valued colleague for and trusted friend to the FMWM-Asia team.