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The Logical Choice

by Mike Reynen | Aug 2022 | HB Africa, HB Cameroon, Heartbeat

Kalson was a member of Full Gospel Mission back home in the north. But when he came to Douala (Cameroon), he occasionally fellowshipped with the Free Methodists. “Occasionally” is an honest and generous adverb.

Kalson is a teacher of philosophy and logic. About two years ago, he came south looking for work. He did find work but did not find time for God. He felt he needed God but says about those days, “Because of rent, I needed to work, and so I set the things of God aside.”

Before teaching, he was involved in retail sales of West African colorful material. At one point, he handed quite a bit of money to a person he trusted. This person was to go and buy a supply of material but never came back. This experience was near the onset of a phase of Kalson’s life in which he remarks, “Life was not moving. I was not focused. I was a student and heavily indebted.” This phase ran continuously from his days in retail sales to the time he got the teaching job.

Klason testifies:

My life was a mess. But, truly, getting the teaching job was an answer to my prayers and a special part of God’s plan for me. At some point, remarkable things started happening to me. Some teachers’ salaries were being reduced, and other teachers were not paid. Mine went up! I also got an unexpected text from Pastor Wilson (FM Country Leader in Cameroon). I saw at that time the need to commit myself to God.

I asked Kalson how life has changed since he committed his life to God. He said, “Back then, I couldn’t fast. Now I fast and pray. I couldn’t get up in the morning and pray. Now I do.” Kalson glorifies God for His continued unusual favor through the teaching job. He does not have the customarily required certificate for teaching students at this level. But the school wants him to keep right on teaching! Kalson also teaches Sunday school in the Free Methodist Church in Douala.

The decision to commit his life to God has given Klason new focus and purpose. It was indeed the logical and right choice!