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Transformed by Forgiveness

by An Impact Middle East Leader | Jul 2024 | Heartbeat, HB Iraq, HB Middle East

After an earthquake struck their village and the surrounding area, severely damaging their home, Hanada’s family immigrated to the neighboring country of Iraq. Their living circumstances had been exceedingly difficult, even before the earthquake, due to the prolonged war. The pain of seeing their house damaged and the fear of what was to come led them to leave everything behind and move to a place where they hoped for a sense of security and survival.

Hanada* joined our church family in Northern Iraq soon after her family settled in town. She had a dream of the Lord Jesus. Six years before this incident, her brother was paralyzed in a serious accident. The doctors treated him, but they finally declared his condition was due to psychological problems. His condition made Hanada furious with her brother. Instead of helping him, she continually criticized him. She could not accept his condition, and her anger mounted all the time. Hanada’s responses to her brother made her feel guilty and very unhappy. She knew her conduct caused her brother pain. To see her brother completely healed and return to his former self was what she wanted most.

This struggle in her mind and heart made Hanada turn to God for help. She knew her behavior was not right, and she needed forgiveness. God visited her in a dream. She saw Christ, and He was not angry but accepted her and smiled. When she realized God had forgiven her, she asked Him to help her forgive others. Hanada came to the church seeking knowledge and wanting to grow in her faith. Her attitude toward her sick brother changed. She began to show him love and care and could empathize with him. She considers her change of attitude a miracle and is thankful to God.

Hanada, our sister in Christ, is an active church member now. She helps with Sunday school for children and often visits the elderly, especially during the holidays, bringing them gifts and encouragement. Please pray for Hanada and her family. Pray God will open new doors for them in every possible way so they will find rest in Him.

*For protection, the name and photos are not that of the actual person.


Photos: Anothers Eye’s Photography

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