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Without Limits

by Jardy Castro | May 2021 | HB Latin America, HB Peru, Heartbeat

Felix being baptized, seated in chair while water is poured over his head by Rosa and another leader on a zoom livestream

Without Limits

“May I invite you to my church on Sunday?” That was Rosa Loayza’s simple but silent invitation to her friend, Felix Sam. She wanted Felix to encounter Jesus. Rosa, like Felix, is deaf and mute, so she understands firsthand the importance of social integration and the barriers deaf people often experience. Before relocating to Lima, Peru, Rosa was part of the Free Methodist Church “Dios de lo Imposible” (God of the Impossible) in Creative Access Country X, a church for people with all kinds of physical limitations. Without a doubt, her experience there continues to drive more people along the path to faith.

Full of God’s grace, Rosa is passionate about helping people experience the joy of salvation, intentional about inviting them to Jesus and persistent in extending the kingdom of God. Her invitations aren’t made casually. She prays for the people, encourages them, shares her faith and, guided by the Holy Spirit, invites them into a transformed life. She recognizes transformed lives will, in turn, transform society.

When Rosa first met Felix, she probably never imagined the eternal implications of their friendship. Felix is the son of Chinese immigrants to Peru and was raised in the Buddhist faith. Yet, the God of the Impossible used Rosa’s obedience to introduce Felix to Jesus. Felix knew he was living far from God in a life of sin. Despite restrictions and obstacles caused by the pandemic, Rosa led him to faith and participated in his baptism at the end of 2020.

During the pandemic, Rosa helped Felix overcome the communication barriers and integrated him into the fellowship of the Christian Community of Lima (a Free Methodist Church). Felix is now part of God’s family. Through the church’s virtual ministry, Felix advanced in his spiritual growth, and Rosa was right there with him.

God is cultivating the friendship between Felix and Rosa, and together they endeavor daily to be committed disciples who share their love for God with others. Today they can be found encouraging other deaf people. Felix, together with Rosa, has introduced at least 10 more people to Jesus. They even have begun a new community church plant. Rosa and Felix are persistent in multiplying disciples and transforming society, one person at a time.

Jardy Castro lives in Chile and is part of the Community Church Planting communications team.

Rosa, Felix, and another leader clap in sign language after Felix's baptism