J.R. & Becky Crouse

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The Crouse family lives in Quito, Ecuador. Both J.R. and Becky assist the Free Methodist Church in Ecuador through leadership development and Community Church Planting. J.R. serves as the field coordinator for mission (VISA) teams in the Latin America Area. He also works with the Ecuadorian churches in exploring creative ways to bless and impact their communities through agriculture. Becky assists with Christian education training and is part of a team of writers for the Latin America Area website. The Crouses formerly served in Haiti and Peru.

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Pray for:

  • Passion and inspiration as they share with supporting churches during        their home assignment (July 2019 - July 2020)
  • Grace and strength for Marissa as she adjusts to college life in the U.S. and        for Alena as she is attending a different high school
  • J.R. and Becky to be useful in building up church leaders
  • Favor as they assist in implementing Community Church Planting (CCP) in        Ecuador
  • Growth and impact of the Ecuadorian church in reaching Ecuador for        Christ
  • Birthdays:

    J.R. – January 7

    Becky – April 20

    Marissa – August 12

    Alena – September 8


    August 8

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