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Casto Rojas

Country-X/Latin America ─ International Missionary



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Dr. Casto Rojas is a pediatrician by trade who has served the FM Church for over 25 years. The church he pastored has become the largest and fastest-growing congregation in Latin America. Pastor Casto has a track record for training, mentoring, encouraging and empowering leaders, resulting in more than 20 new churches in his own country. Now he serves as conference superintendent in his home country and as a mentor for superintendents in Puerto Rico and Chile.

Flor Marlene, a retired teacher, is currently part of the Latin America Area Developing Healthy Leaders team. She serves in formal pastoral training and pastoral care groups, and she is a facilitator in CenForMe, the Latin America Area online pastoral formation program. Flor Marlene has also been the director of the Theological Seminary in Creative Access-X for the last 15 years.

 Wife: Flor Marlene
Child: Enmanuel

Pray For

  • peace and stability for Country-X
  • provision for the ICCM school in Maturin
  • health, wisdom and strength for leading his large conference and coaching other leaders
  • development of healthy leaders, multiplication of committed disciples and empowerment of transformational churches in the countries he serves
  • his home country’s many socio-political-economic needs
  • wisdom and guidance as a transition plan is in process for a new superintendent in Country-X in the next couple of years

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