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Four years ago, Olga Beatriz Gómez Alzate arrived in Medellin, Colombia, from Creative Access Country X. She moved into the Alfonso López neighborhood with her husband, Jefferson, and sons. Her life was not easy because her marriage was not going well. Her husband frequently drank and neglected his home. Her children, almost teenagers, were quite rebellious.

Olga met Soledad Gil, a Camino de Vida church leader, who invited her to attend one of the Houses of Peace in her new neighborhood. She accepted the invitation. During one of the meetings, Olga, distressed by the difficult situation at home, asked for prayer for her husband and children. She requested prayer for her family members’ lives to be transformed and their situation to improve.

After a few weeks, Olga’s work schedule changed, and she could not attend the meetings. However, she wanted to continue knowing and studying the Word of God. She also wanted her family to experience real change and to follow Jesus together; Olga decided to open her home for a new House of Peace.

As time passed, her family began participating in the weekly meetings, and she noticed positive changes in the behavior of her husband and children. Along with the other church members, Olga and her family continued studying and learning from God’s Word. In July 2022, Olga and her husband, Jefferson, were baptized.

Olga chose Jesus and was able to experience transformation in her life and see the lives of her children and her husband transformed. Her husband is now more attentive to the needs of the home. Also, as a family, they have impacted Olga’s sister Dariana, who recently arrived from Creative Access Country X. She also participates actively in the weekly meetings in their home.

This House of Peace is open every week, and Olga and her family serve faithfully in the local church to help prepare for the Sunday services. They also study at the local Ministerial Training Center and participate in Bible study times.

God cares about our decisions and longs for us to choose Him every day. Olga has already made her decision. What about you? Who do you choose?

Natalia M. Gutiérrez Pérez lives in Medellín, Colombia, and serves on the praise team of the Camino de Vida church. She is an editor for the Community Church Planting team within the Colombian Free Methodist Church.