Country Statistics

    Mission District

  • Population: 44,291,413
  • Evangelical Christians: 3.8%
  • FM Work Opened: 1999
  • FM Churches: 1
  • FMC Membership: 15
  • Country Leader: Misha Petrochenko
  • Overseer: Josh Fajardo
    Ukraine on the globe (Europe centered)

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    • Spiritual receptiveness to beginning new churches in new communities
    • wisdom, spiritual growth and daily faith for Misha and Lena, who have committed their lives to be servants of Jesus Christ and who often face great hardship
    • cessation of the hostilities in eastern Ukraine and protection for the ministry team
    • the work of addiction recovery at the Lighthouse of Hope Rehab Center, for those in recovery to know the power of Christ in their lives.


    Reproducible Bulletin Insert

    Funding the Ukraine Country Support Account (CSA) will help resource the following people and strategic initiatives:

    Church planting travel, food and housing — outreach into new villages with simple church

    Book and booklet publishing/purchasing — Bible study booklet for new believers

    Mission part-time national staff expenses, including government-required pension payments

    Mission office utilities and upkeep

    Bookkeeping and legal fees

    Van fuel and maintenance

    Education in country — training for national staff

    Training seminars/travel

    Compassion ministries — orphans/medical refugees from and in the conflict areas

    Travel-related expenses to send Ukrainian representatives to Church Leaders Conference

    CSA promotional materials