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Creative Access-IN: Thank the Lord for fruitful ministry in this nation. Pray for the educational institutions, children’s ministries and hospital...

ICCM: Pray for the ICCM agricultural projects in Africa and Latin America that are helping provide sustainable sources of food and additional income.

Middle East: Pray for peace across the region. Pray the vision of peace prophesied in Isaiah 2:4 will come to pass: “And they shall beat their...

Nicaragua: Pray for a school construction project in Nicaragua. Ask God to open doors and provide the necessary resources.

Cameroon: Pray for the Bible-training program that trains local leaders to become church planters and ministers of the gospel. These leaders will be...

Asia: Pray missionary Jill will have joy, peace and discernment as she seeks the Lord regarding her ministry roles in the coming year. Birthday: Jill

FMWM: On this Christmas day, pray our FMWM missionary team will experience the joy of Christ, their Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting...

Europe: As Christmas is celebrated across the continent, pray Jesus will be made known in fresh new ways to believers and unbelievers alike. Ask God...

Senegal: As they face physical and spiritual hostilities, pray for God’s protection and provision for the pastors’ families.

Thailand: Pray Corey and Connie Persing will have travel safety and good health as they visit and care for ICCM ministries in Thailand and visit...


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