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Imagine living without hope in a remote Cambodian village. Now imagine attending worship Sunday morning at a local Free Methodist Church. You might hear Sister Gne as she stands to testify to the power of God in her life.

For a long time, I have had terrible headaches. They would never leave me. They were severe, and I could not get relief. But Jesus saved me from this and so much else!

Before I knew Jesus, my life seemed hopeless. Even in my youth, I had no father, no chance to study, and our family was very poor. I dreamed of a marriage that would rescue me from hopelessness, but my life did not improve even after marriage. It became worse. To my heartbreak, my husband had an affair, and we were in near-constant conflict. Eventually,
we divorced, leaving me as a single mother with four children.

In addition to trying to care for our family as a single parent, I was responsible for the care of my elderly mother. Again, life was hard and hopeless, and my headaches became even worse. I tried many different medications, visited many doctors, and tried traditional medicine. I worshiped ancestors and earth spirits. But all left me empty and without hope. I felt helpless.

One day my brother, who had become a Christian, helped me to come to a church. There I met a pastor who prayed for me. Other brothers and sisters from the fellowship prayed for me regularly, and I began to feel better. I heard the gospel and trusted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

Today I am filled with hope in Jesus! I have brothers and sisters in Christ as my extended family, and I no longer feel alone. I was baptized in July of 2022, and I happily participate in my local church in the province and city when I visit.

From despair to hope! This is how Sister Gne describes her transformation.

Thousands of villages in Cambodia have no local church. Superintendent Daniel and the Cambodian Free Methodist Church have a vision to bring a gospel witness to hundreds of remote villages. You can help them
by praying and by giving generously here: