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Participating Together Work of the Spirit

by Asia Area Director Eric with Superintendent Pa Kep | Oct 2023 | Heartbeat, HB Asia, HB Creative Access Asia-MR

Kyaw Aung is an example of one who realized his spiritual needs when his physical needs were met. This often happens through the generosity and kindness expressed through the Bishops’ Crisis Response Fund (BCRF). FMWM-Asia values partnerships like this, built within the generosity of the FMC-USA.

Superintendent Pa Kep shares Kyaw Aung’s story. Kyaw Aung was born into a Buddhist family. Like most in Creative Access-MR, Kyaw Aung held a strong belief in Buddhism. By trade, he has been a mason, crafting images of the Buddha for worship and assisting in constructing several pagodas. Idols are kept in most Buddhist households. Daily offerings of fruit are made in these home shrines. According to Pa Kep, Kyaw Aung also sold idols for peoples’ homes.

Kyaw Aung was performing his worship one morning when he began thinking about the nature of the gods he had made with his hands. Are these real? Do they have any ability to hear my prayers? Can they save lives? A sinking feeling crept in and brought trouble and unrest to his mind.

It was not long before Kyaw Aung lost his joy in worshiping the idols in his home. He had a growing awareness of the lack of peace in his life. Kyaw Aung wondered: Might there be a God somewhere who could hear, a God who is able to save? In December 2021, he attended a gathering in his community. The gathering was associated with Christmas. Invited by a neighbor, he went to receive a gift of rice, but in the end, Kyaw Aung received so much more.

During the gathering, Kyaw Aung heard the good news about Jesus and the love of the Father. Through the true meaning of Christmas – the gift of God’s Son, Jesus, he found the God for whom he had longed! Eager to learn more about Jesus, he asked for more information, received one handout and met a Free Methodist pastor.

It was not long before the Holy Spirit began moving in Kyaw Aung’s heart. He was drawn deeply to the teachings of Jesus found in the Bible. Pastor Ni, our FM pastor, helped Kyaw Aung surrender to Jesus in October 2022, and soon after, he was baptized.

If you have given to the Bishops Crisis Response Fund’, the LoveAsia fund or the Creative Access-MR Church Planting and Development (CPD) fund, you have participated in the Holy Spirit’s work in Kyaw Aung’s life. As a denominational family, we are an amazing example of how we can be better together.