Dan & Hope Owsley


Dan and Hope have served in three regions of Brazil over the past 31 years starting churches and organizing conferences. Their ministry has included teaching Bible and Christian doctrine to church leaders, mentoring men and women in ministry, sharing the gospel, and discipling new believers. Over the last seven years, Dan and Hope have served in Brasilia, the nation's capital and fourth-largest metropolitan area in Brazil. During this period Hope edited a book of John Wesley writings in Portuguese. Dan engaged in reaching people for Christ through weekly visits to small businesses and through home meetings. They were also a part of a church planting team, mentored pastors in the region and teaching seminary courses to church leaders. The Brazilian church is calling Dan and Hope to a new opportunity. In February of 2020, they will move to Sao Paulo to help revitalize the main campus of the Free Methodist Bible seminary and to encourage a church planting movement throughout the country.
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Pray for:

  • their adjustment to a new location and work assignment
  • wisdom and effectiveness in this next term of service
  • many new churches to be planted throughout Brazil
  • the FM seminary to move forward in training many leaders
  • take root, grow and multiply
    • Way Better Than a Garage!

      The Free Methodist church plant in NW Brazil continues to witness daily miracles. They are experiencing many challenges, but are also experiencing God’s surpassing grace in every one of them. Sunday services have been held in the garage of a house being rented by one of the church members. Recently the owner of that house …
    • Life in Abundance

      The teeny porch was filled with people. It was a little smaller than a one car garage, but the plastic chairs were filled with moms holding babies. Other people were standing on the sidewalk. In the center of the space, children were twirling wildly to the loud Christian music. Bright balloons outlined the doorway into …
    • Long-Distance Barber

      Dan’s new barber lives 2,000 miles away. His name is Anibal and he and his wife Carolina fled to Brazil from Venezuela a few years ago. Since then, he’s been eking out a living in a tiny barbershop in the city of Manaus, located in the Amazon rainforest. Of course, Dan can’t go there for …
    • “Ordinary”Faithfulness?

      Recently three Brazilian missionary women went to Heaven within thirty days of each other. On January 13, Doris Thompson (aged 91) went to be with the Lord. As Free Methodist missionaries, she and her husband, Clancy, warmly received us when we arrived in Brazil 34 years ago; she gave me pointers on how to get …
    • No Greater Joy

      In a letter to his friend Gaius, the apostle John wrote, “It gave me great joy when some believers came and testified about your faithfulness to the truth, telling how you continue to walk in it. I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth. (3 John 1:3,4) We, too, …
    • God Knows Our Every Need

      “Why on earth did he give me a spoon?” thought José Gregorio as he left the fire department building that afternoon five years ago. He had just arrived in NW Brazil after fleeing from his own country of Venezuela where jobs, food, and medical care were becoming scarce. He and his wife, Eira, had been …