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Dan and Hope have served in three regions of Brazil over the past 31 years starting churches and organizing conferences. Their ministry has included teaching Bible and Christian doctrine to church leaders, mentoring men and women in ministry, sharing the gospel, and discipling new believers. Over the last seven years, Dan and Hope have served in Brasilia, the nation's capital and fourth-largest metropolitan area in Brazil. During this period Hope edited a book of John Wesley writings in Portuguese. Dan engaged in reaching people for Christ through weekly visits to small businesses and through home meetings. They were also a part of a church planting team, mentored pastors in the region and teaching seminary courses to church leaders. The Brazilian church is calling Dan and Hope to a new opportunity. In February of 2020, they will move to Sao Paulo to help revitalize the main campus of the Free Methodist Bible seminary and to encourage a church planting movement throughout the country.
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Pray for:

  • their adjustment to a new location and work assignment
  • wisdom and effectiveness in this next term of service
  • many new churches to be planted throughout Brazil
  • the FM seminary to move forward in training many leaders
  • take root, grow and multiply
    • Spiritual Breathing Exercises

      Sometimes when I’m all alone on my early morning walk in the park, I’ll pull down my face mask and take in deep gulps of fresh air. Never before has breathing felt so daring. The year 2020 often left us gasping for air. Each new limitation, each cancelled plan, and each fresh disappointment felt like …
    • God Still Speaks

      The first time I taught Theology of John Wesley I had been in Brazil for only a year. My Portuguese was barely intelligible, but Wesley’s sermons made up for whatever I lacked in clarity. Time and again, my students would tell me that their reading assignments had turned their hearts toward God in a new …
    • The Blessings of Inadequacy (Part 4) -The Gift of Wonder

      In recent months I’ve been sharing how the Lord allows us to sense our weakness so that we can learn to rely on His strength. As I look back over our 32 years of ministry in Brazil, I’m filled with amazement at what the Lord has done with our meager offerings. As we have depended …
    • Better than Sleep?

      I recently took an online course on how to get optimal sleep. I learned that not only is a good night’s rest important for every part of your body, it’s essential to your sense of well-being. So why would anyone in their right mind voluntarily give up something so valuable? Pastor Milton is the coordinator …
    • My Hope is Built

      Last month I joked with Andrew that if the world economy collapsed (as some media outlets were predicting) that I knew of at least one good friend who would let us live in her basement until we could get our feet on the ground. This month her house burned to the ground. Last week an …
    • The Blessings of Inadequacy (Part 3) – No Room for Pride

      The Bible teaches that the Lord’s strength is made perfect in our weakness. But we don’t often experience it until we are at our lowest. I’ve written before about how feelings of helplessness and inadequacy are constant (and necessary) reminders of our complete dependence on Jesus. When I felt the Lord leading me to edit …


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