Country Statistics


  • Population: 8,598,561 (48% urban)
  • Evangelical Christians: 23%
  • FM Work Opened: 2008
  • FM Churches: 8
  • FM Membership 436
  • Ordained Ministers 4
  • Ministerial Candidates: 4
  • Director: Superintendent Brent Thompson
  • Overseer: Dr. Ricardo Gómez, Latin America Area Director

    Major City:

  • Tegucigalpa (1.4 million)


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• church growth and multiplication
• cooperation and shared vision to reach Honduras for Christ
• appropriate structures to be put in place as Honduras moves toward becoming a mission district
• wisdom and direction for Superintendents Brent and Alma Thompson as they supervise the work from a distance


Reproducible Bulletin Insert

Funding the Honduras Church Planting and Development (CPD) will help resource the following people and strategic initiatives:

U.S. Ohio Conference co-superintendents Brent and Alma Thompson as they oversee a leadership team to strengthen ministry initiatives through creative partnerships, theological and pastoral training, and multiplying groups and churches

Five churches led by two conference ministerial candidates and a group of emerging lay leaders who have a vision to plant more churches

Growth and multiplication of the churches through mutual cooperation and shared vision to reach Honduras for Christ

The training and preparation of a Honduran mission district leader