Mitch and Lynn Sue Pierce

Northern Europe

Mitch Pierce serves as regional director for Northern Europe, which includes five countries: Belgium, France, Hungary, Romania and Ukraine. He and Lynn Sue reside in Stafford, NY. The Pierces give oversight to our leaders and churches through two annual visits to Europe and monthly Skype connections with the leadership team. Primarily serving in a ministry of encouragement, with some administrative duties, the Pierces strive to develop partnerships for prayer, promotion and funding of our Free Methodist work in Europe.

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Pray for:

• strong connections with the Europe mission
• God’s kingdom to come in Europe
• capable mentors to work with ministerial candidates and newly ordained leaders
• Northern Europe to come alongside in a meaningful partnership with the North American church
• pastors balancing ministry, work and family


Mitch: May 5

Lynn Sue: June 1


June 12

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