Country Statistics

    Mission District

  • Population: 46,320,000
  • Evangelical Christians: 1.60%
  • FM Work Opened: 2005
  • FM Churches: 7
  • FMC Membership: 160
  • Ordained Ministers: 5
  • Overseer: Josh Fajardo
  • Ministerial Candidates: 4
Spain on the globe (Europe centered)

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• Comunidad Cristiana Luzy Vida’s efforts to reach those of their community who do not recognize their need for anyone or anything outside of themselves – especially God
• Community outreach efforts in the Canary Islands (Many unemployed residents who rely on the tourism industry are moving away, adding stress to families.)
• the Olive Branch Christian Fellowship establishing a ministry center to accommodate retirees
• resources to train emerging leaders
• the successful translation, contextualization and utilization of CCP materials
• necessary resourcing, including finances, materials and personnel for the Logos Learning Center and John Wesley Bible Institute


Reproducible Bulletin Insert

Funding the Spain Church Planting and Development (CPD) will help resource the following people and strategic initiatives:

Church planting throughout Spain

Director’s travel to supervise work in the Canary Islands, Murcia, and ongoing church plants in other regions of Spain

Leadership training for national pastors and church leaders

Juan Wesley Bible Institute

Travel-related expenses to send Spanish representatives to Church Leaders Conference

CSA promotional materials