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Laurie is not new to Free Methodist World Missions. She and her family served in Mexico from 2006 to 2015. She and her husband, Brian, have recently moved to Mount Pleasant, Michigan, where he is the lead pastor of the Central Michigan Free Methodist Church. In her new role with FMWM-Asia, Laurie is the assistant for the Shared Sustainability Initiative (SSI) in Asia. Specifically, she shares about this growing ministry in U.S. churches, providing information and building partnerships in the areas of prayer and finance. She also works with ministry team members, gathering information and publishing stories and reports from the field to provide accountability and promotion of SSI. Laurie’s administrative role helps track information on the many programs included in the Shared Sustainability Initiative across Asia.

Pray For

  • partnership building
  • transition into this new role
  • listening and learning always to be more like Jesus

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