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Missionary Commitment and Funding Levels

Missionary Support Accounts

Commitment and Funding Levels

as of February 29, 2024

Missionary2024 Commitment LevelMonth Fund Reserve Commit Give
Adam and Rebecca26%YesCommitGive
Alford, Cathyn/aYesCommitGive
Austin, KevinGlobaln/aCommitGive
Brown, Art and Sylvian/an/aCommitGive
Bryan and Tammy30%YesCommitGive
Cahill, Thom and Sherry68%n/aCommitGive
Clemente, David and Sarah55%YesCommitGive
Crouse, J.R. and Becky27%YesCommitGive
Dale and Dawn – Middle East Area Director62%YesCommitGive
Darin and Jill34%YesCommitGive
Eric and Virginia – Asia Area Director27%YesCommitGive
Fajardo, Josh and Susy – Europe Area Director46%YesCommitGive
Galloway, Chance and Dee Deen/an/aCommitGive
Gilmore, Debran/aYesCommitGive
Gómez, Ricardo and Beth – Latin America Area Director28%YesCommitGive
Hall, Gene and Minori32%YesCommitGive
Hany and Joanne54%YesCommitGive
Haskins, Roger and Ellenn/aYesCommitGive
Jason and Wendi61%YesCommitGive
Jewell, Shane and Katie0%YesCommitGive
Keith and Julie28%YesCommitGive
Kingsley, Erin0%YesCommitGive
Kinkead, Tim0%YesCommitGive
Leon, Dennis and Kyle45%YesCommitGive
Long, Michael and Maria34%YesCommitGive
Lorenz, Glenn and Wendy20%YesCommitGive
Mark and Lena30%YesCommitGive
Mora, Camilo and Magaly0%YesCommitGive
Nzungize, Emmanuel and Racheln/aYesCommitGive
Owsley, Dan and Hope42%YesCommitGive
Persing, Corey and Connien/an/aCommitGive
Reynen, Mike and Vickie – Africa Area Director45%YesCommitGive
Roller, Thad and Nikki44%YesCommitGive
Rosado, Rodrigo and Tanya0%YesCommitGive
Sheriff, Rich and Laurie0%YesCommitGive
Stotts Godoy, Kay30%YesCommitGive
Van Tifflin, Seth and Hlawn Hlawn – Partnership Building38%YesCommitGive
Wilkins, Chris and Yuko36%YesCommitGive
Winckles, Larry and Katie30%YesCommitGive
Tinsley, Andrean/aYesCommitGive
Yost, Laurien/aYesCommitGive

2024 Church Planting and Development

Commitment and Funding Levels