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Kevin Austin is an FM missionary working domestically and globally through the Set Free Movement to end human trafficking. With roots in the 19th-century abolitionist movement, the Free Methodist Church is again championing the cause of holistic freedom. Now, as then, Free Methodists have a special passion for the poor and those vulnerable to injustice.

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Pray For

  • mobilization of the FMC to effectively combat human trafficking and serve those most vulnerable
  • Kevin’s emotional and spiritual well-being as he regularly experiences the devastating impact of human trafficking
  • endurance and safety as Kevin travels
  • growth of leaders and finances as the Set Free Movement prepares to expand beyond 40 teams in the U.S. as well as internationally
  • God’s protection for those on the frontlines bringing mercy to the margins
  • God’s people to continue to reach and serve those most vulnerable
From Orphan to Child of God

From Orphan to Child of God

Winda was raised an orphan on an island near Haiti. There, in a faith-based orphanage, she was groomed for a life of exploitation. At age 15, Winda was adopted and brought to America, where, despite her hopes for a family, the exploitation continued. When telling her...

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Yvonne’s Story

Yvonne’s Story

While at school, her dad's words of abuse often rang in her ears, and she struggled to focus on learning due to her lack of sleep. Yvonne was an ICCM-sponsored child. She was thankful for the opportunity to go to school and prayed for her sponsors every day, and she...

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Still Thriving

Still Thriving

Recently when listening to my favorite daily devotional, I heard a story about Francis Asbury. When John Wesley was looking for someone to come to America to encourage the fledgling Methodists in the new world, 26-year-old Francis Asbury raised his hand and took on...

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