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Oh, How We Love Jesus: A Family Perseveres Because of Faith

by An Impact Middle East Leader | Jan 2023 | Heartbeat, HB Middle East

A new family from a non-Christian background started coming to our church. A relative who became a believer invited them. We welcomed them warmly, but still, we wanted to determine the reason behind their visit. On
many occasions, relatives come to the church wanting to hear about God, but their real motive is to find out whether a family member has converted to Christianity. They would then report to their extended family about the person, which would mean great difficulties for the believer. However, this time the family who came genuinely sought answers. They had many questions and were seeking to know the true and living God.

As our journey with the family began, we invited them to attend a group for discipleship. The more their knowledge about God and the Bible grew, their devotion grew. They were always eager to learn more. The man, wife and two children committed their lives to Jesus and continue to grow in their love for Jesus and His church.

The husband’s relatives hate Christianity immensely. They continually persecute the family because of their conversion, making their lives exceedingly difficult. They even ask others to show hostility to them, pressuring them to leave the church. Despite all of this, the family of four continues to attend the discipleship sessions and come to church. They live their faith, study the Word of God and pray daily. They continue to face persecution from their relatives and society, but the persecution does not stop them from pursuing the Lord.

During school, their 7-year-old son drew a heart with the words “I love Jesus” inside. His teacher demanded a meeting with his parents. They were told their son would be expelled if he did such a thing again. This young boy memorizes many praise songs and often sings during our church meetings.

Please pray for this family and God’s protection over them as they are surrounded by danger. Pray they will be a blessing to others, and many will know of Jesus’ love because of their perseverance in faith.