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We invited him to our house-church meeting to share how he had become a follower of Christ. Although he was shy and hesitant to speak in front of others, he began his tory.

“I was living in darkness. Through the years, I tried all kinds of drugs. I sold all I had to buy those drugs. I lost everything – my family, my work and the respect of others. I reached the point I had no place to sleep except under bridges and with criminals.”

“One day, I was arrested when the police gathered up some criminals. My only association with them was that we were sharing a place to sleep. I went to prison for three months, but the Lord went before me there! A fellow prisoner – an older man – asked me why I was in prison. I told him about my life. He listened to my story, looked at me and asked, ‘Would you like to restore your life?’ I said to him, ‘I can’t.’ In a strong tone of voice, he said, ‘You can through Him. He can change you, clean up your life and give you a new start.’ I asked him, ‘Tell me about this doctor of yours who can restore my life.’ He told me the story of Jesus and what He had done on the cross. He told me how Jesus, through His grace, accepts everyone, especially people like me.”

“I went to bed thinking about what the old man had told me. I was worried and distressed. While I was sleeping, I began to have a nightmare. In the middle of the dream, I saw Jesus walk toward me. He said, ‘Calm down, my son!’ As He touched me with His healing hand, I immediately felt a calm come over me. That peace remained when I woke up in the morning and into the following days. When I left prison, I was hungry to read the Bible, be baptized and join the body of Christ to receive support, encouragement and instruction.”

The man looked at us, all those gathered for the house-church meeting, and said, “Brothers and sisters, Jesus Christ changed me, and He gave me a new start. I am here to remind you to make your life about reaching the unreached at home, around you and to the ends of the earth with the great news of a new start.”

Photo Credit: Trevor Owen