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As part of our gatherings in Creative Access-VN, we prioritize testimonies of church planters and people who have made commitments to Jesus. This year, a testimony of thanks came from a woman named Trang.

Pastor “H” shared Trang’s story:

Trang used to have brain cancer and had radiation therapy several years ago while living in Saigon. Because of her sickness, she came back to live in Huê, her hometown, while her husband stayed to work in Saigon. One day she came to have her hair done in Ngoc’s hair salon. Ngoc is a believer. She did Trang’s hair and shared about Jesus.


Trang experienced the friendliness of Ngoc and saw the joy she had. Trang decided to believe and follow the Jesus Ngoc followed. Then Ngoc invited her to attend our Friday worship and Sunday service. Trang’s faith began to grow deeper and stronger, but at the same time, she was facing persecution from her family.


Her dad, her brothers and sisters, even her son kicked her out of the family. They also took her motorbike, her only means of transportation for work and church.


Members of the church prayed with her, and we gave her a tiny “seed” – a small amount of money. She decided to buy another motorbike so she could go to church and to work. One week, Trang volunteered to buy the lunch for our meeting. She ordered food from a woman named Nhan. After we had begun worship, Nhan arrived with the food. We invited Nhan to join us to worship our Lord Jesus. During the time of worship, Nhan felt peace and release after each song. When it came time for me to share the Word of God, Nhan decided to stay. After my closing prayer, we began to talk with Nhan and encourage her to continue seeking the truth. She joyfully responded to my invitation to believe in Jesus. We all prayed a prayer of blessing for her.


I praise God and thank Him for His work!

Because of a partnership with the Oregon Conference and generous gifts from many others, our leaders in Creative Access-VN are strengthened, encouraged and positioned to share the good news about Jesus. $150 a month makes it possible for a new church planter to share faith in Jesus with someone like Trang or Nhan