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ICCM Supporters: Changing the World

by Laura Fitzpatrick, ICCM Writer | Jun 2023 | Heartbeat, HB Africa, HB Global, HB ICCM

Beyond the incredible support individual sponsorship provides, International Child Care Ministries (ICCM) oversees special funds that specifically seek to meet other unique needs.

Solar Lights
With limited, unpredictable or no access to electricity, many communities are left without any light beyond natural resources. This has an especially profound impact on young people who are in school, as they have no means of studying after the sun goes down.

In 2022, 500 Kenyan ICCM students received lights to use in their homes to remedy this problem. More than 50 solar lights were also recently provided to ICCM-sponsored students in Togo. More than 200 students in a creative access country also received these small gifts with a lifechanging impact.

Animal Fund
Communities in Malawi (MA) thrive through support from ICCM’s Animal Fund. An ICCM school there has several cows and a bull, providing nutrient-dense milk for the children. Given the possibility of new calves being birthed, this is a sustainable source of nutrition and income.

In another Malawi community, ICCM operates a school specifically for orphans. Teachers received a unique “bonus” from the fund to supplement their salaries. The teachers had a choice between receiving a pig or a goat; each animal provides additional nutrition and potential income.

The Linda Stryker School in the Democratic Republic of the Congo also receives support from the Animal Fund. Students care for goats, pigs and chickens provided by the fund. Money was also provided to build a grain mill to produce feed for the animals.

ICCM recently approved a request in a creative-access country to build coops and purchase chicks and feed to provide meat birds. In this region and most others around the world, food prices continue to increase dramatically.

Sponsoring a child changes their world. Gifts to special funds change the world for many children and their families. We celebrate the faithful support of God’s people to the children.

“I will praise God’s name in song and glorify Him with thanksgiving” (Psalms 69:30, NIV).

*This is an excerpt from the ICCM July 2022 Reflections