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One Woman’s Journey to Belief

by An Impact Middle East Leader | Jul 2023 | Heartbeat, HB Iraq, HB Middle East

My name is Nina.* I was born in Iraq, but in 2014 ISIS attacked our village. The entire village, including my family, became refugees. We moved from place to place with no clothing or possessions — and often little food.

Finally, we began living in a refugee camp. My siblings and I joined the school. I dreamed of one day helping my people and encouraging women to know their value.

In 2016 I entered college to study psychology. One day, I met a friend to work on something for a class. It was just the two of us in the classroom, and he began to tell me about Jesus. My only knowledge of Jesus was of His miraculous birth, but my friend told me many things. I loved hearing that Jesus calls the weary and those in need and gives them rest. It was as if everything I ever wanted and dreamed of was in this person — Jesus.

I kept these words about Jesus in my heart. When COVID came, my classes were canceled, and I returned home. My sister had begun watching a YouTube channel that shared about Jesus, and the Lord spoke to both of us. I told my sister about the Jesus stories my friend had shared. We continued to learn more by watching Christian movies and videos.

When I went away again to do my college research, I met a friend who gave me a Bible and other Christian materials. He encouraged me to keep searching.

In 2020 I received my graduate certificate and attended church for the first time, where Pastor “K” prayed for and baptized me.

My experience finding Jesus was unlike many friends who had seen Christ in their dreams; I did not. But one day, while preparing breakfast, I heard a voice asking me, “What do you want?”’No one else was there. I realized it was Christ speaking to me. I answered, “I want You.” A few days later while looking at the sky, I saw Christ in the clouds with two people next to Him, then a cross and then a lamb. This confirmed my belief in Jesus and my desire to serve Him.

My sister and I began praying for our parents. God prepared a time for us to share what we knew about Jesus and how He died for us because He loves us. Our parents believed and stopped persecuting us. A year later, our brother became a believer.

Today, my whole family believes in Jesus, and our house is a small church open to everyone.

I have had the opportunity to lead many people to Jesus and now work with an Impact Middle East leader.

God’s hand was with me, caring for and revealing Himself to me. Praise Him!

*Nina is a name used to protect the individual.

Photo: Unsplash-Zana-pq