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The Cost of Following

by Dr. Dale | Jul 2023 | Heartbeat, HB Middle East

Often, we serve God in our communities and churches without any thought to our safety or the danger we could encounter just by sharing the message of Jesus Christ. This is not the case in many areas of the Middle East.

One worker, Mike*, was called to go into a very violent area— one well known for its links to some of Islam’s most radical elements and terrorist nation-states. Because of the dangerous culture, there are no churches in this area.

Mike was in a major city outside of the violent area and began talking with a young man in his 20s from the violent area. This young man was searching. Mike and the young man began having planned meetings every couple of weeks, which continued for a long time.

Eventually, the young man accepted Jesus Christ and began to share with some of his friends and family. His faith in Christ and openness to share could have resulted in his being killed. It is a dishonor to convert to Christianity, and the killing of Christians is accepted. But he continued to share.

Soon about nine people gathered in the young man’s home, so our leader, Mike, began to make regular trips to this home to train, encourage and disciple this small group. (These nine are the only believers in this violent village.)

Mike has been shot at, and once, several bullets struck his car at a checkpoint. He had to hide in a bunker. Every time Mike goes to this area, he is risking his life.

Will he go again? Yes, the danger will not stop him from sharing the gospel because he is called. Mike does not see himself living in danger. Instead, he sees himself called to bring Jesus to a dark area.

Light going into the darkness. Praise the Lord!

*Mike is a name used to protect the individual