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Partnering for the Sake of the Kingdom

by Dr. Dale | Jul 2023 | Heartbeat, HB Egypt, HB Middle East

The global church and the FMC-USA are better as we partner for the sake of the Kingdom. We are also better and more effective as the work of Free Methodist World Missions (FMWM) partners with other movements and organizations for the cause of Christ. Partnerships are essential and valuable in the Middle East. In this region, Christianity makes up a small fraction of the population, and often governments are not welcoming to the church.

Egypt is one of the countries with few Christians. Many denominations and organizations combine efforts to spread the name of Jesus in a place where the vast majority are of another religion. Early this year, an event was held at the Free Methodist Bible Seminary in Assuit, Egypt.

The weeklong gathering was for young leaders interested in starting house churches. One young leader, age 16, presented a wonderful lesson on leadership multiplication! This group of young people learned how to start a group, identify different personalities in a group, and pray for and discern a person of peace. (Read Luke 10.)

Young leaders from the Free Methodist Church, the Coptic Church and the Catholic Church participated in this training. All sessions were led by the FMWM Middle East Area Director, a country leader and several participants. The event will result in dozens of house churches in areas without exposure to the gospel.

Church Planting and Development funds are vital to the work of FMWM, and the use of these funds enables events like these to flourish. Your financial and prayer investment in the Kingdom has multiplying effects. Please continue to pray for this group of young leaders who are called to bring Jesus into dark and challenging places!

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