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The Happiest Day of My Life

by Testimony of Syrian refugee woman in Iraq | Jul 2021 | Heartbeat, HB Iraq, HB Middle East

Man getting baptized

I am Kibar. I was born in Syria to a religious, fundamental Muslim family. My father and mother prayed often and taught my three sisters and me to pray as well. Despite this religious atmosphere, I did not feel my prayers helped me come closer to God. Eventually, I met some neighbor girls my age and became friends with them. They were Christians. I asked them about their religion and even went to church with them several times. They started sharing with me Christian teachings from the Bible. My father found out about my relationship with these neighbors and about my going to the church. He hit me and demanded I have no more contact with these Christian girls. I did not give up and continued to see them, despite his threats.

Later, I married, and my husband and I started a family. Because of the war, we fled to northern Iraq. The community where we lived was very traditional and religious, and I did not dare ask anyone about Christ or a church. However, I continued to pray and ask God to protect my family. One day my husband brought a visitor, Aram, to our home. Aram had lived in Syria and also had fled. Aram began to tell me about his Savior, Jesus Christ. I felt safe to share with him that I, too, am a believer. Aram began to visit us regularly to teach us Christian principles. He also introduced us to his pastor (an Impact Middle East pastor).

November 27, 2020, was the happiest day of my life! My dream of being baptized came true. With much pride, I can now declare I am a daughter of the King of Kings. Please join me in praying my husband and children will also seek to be baptized.