Country Statistics

    Mission District

  • Population: 8,228,000
  • Evangelical Christians: 10.94%
  • FM Work Opened: 2003
  • FM Churches: 10
  • FM Membership: 486
  • Ordained Ministers: 5
  • Ministerial Candidates: 5
  • Ecclesiastical Accountability: FMWM through Africa Area Director Michael Reynen
Togo on the globe (Africa centered)

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Pray for:

  • Rev. Dosseh Takpale and Muslim outreach
  • the leaders and churches
  • the expanded church-planting work with its corresponding training program
  • children attending two ICCM sponsored schools in Tchore and Limbrini; without these schools, there would be no opportunity to benefit from education
  • Togo

    Reproducible Bulletin Insert
    Funding Togo Church Planting and Development (CPD) will help resource the following people and strategic initiatives:
  • Discipleship and evangelism ministries of the Lome FMC and other southern Togo churches
  • Six church planters in the region around Sokode, an area where many people need to hear the good news
  • Continued production of manuals for the six church planters
  • The national leader as he oversees the work of each local church and also frequently checks on the several church planters
  • Materials, food and transportation costs for seminars providing basic pastoral training for pastors of this young work
  • One Year or More

    Teacher - Ethiopia, Liberia, Togo


    A team needed who could help conduct a youth camp. Team members would help with the various activities of the camp: some teaching (because French would be needed, teaching in English would be limited since a translator would be used), sports, drama, devotion times.